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How to Unpost a voucher in Fresa Gold

Fresa Gold provide a special feature to user, which is called account transaction Freezing system, Which means, Fresa Gold provide three major status, created, Approved and Posted, Once a Voucher is posted system will affect in Ledger/TB/BS,So system will not allow edit the respective voucher, If some cases user want to edit Fresa Gold allow to edit some field rest of Amount, ledger and parties. If user want to cancel or remove the transaction from ledger, User have to change the status as ‘Unpost’, Admin/Management/Super user only will have the special rights to unpost a voucher, Kindly find below steps for unpost a Voucher.

Open the respective Voucher from All voucher list and Edit the voucher, Now, its showing the voucher status as ‘Posted’, near to the staus option you can see one more button as Change status (Fig-1),



Just click the change status button, then by default system will show new status as Unposted and under remarks mention your reason of unposting voucher, (Fig-2)

Finally, click Save button, system will change the voucher status to Unposted.


How to unpost a Voucher in Fresa XPress

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