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How to Add the Standard Charges in Shipment/Job…?

Here you can learn about how to add the standard charges in shipment/job.

Note: To add the standard charges, the Department, POD, POL should be same as per the charges entered in Organization, then only the system will show the standard charges.

1. Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Customer service and create Shipment and enter the Client name, POD, POR, Address etc and click Next button(Fig.1).

Fig. 1


2. Enter the Salesperson name and required fields and click Next button (Fig.2).

Fig. 2


3. Now select the Standard charges (Fig.3)

Fig. 3


4. Once verified the details,click Finish button (Fig.4).



5. Now in the Shipment you can see the standard charges (Fig.5).

Fig. 5



Hope you got an idea about to create shipment with standard charges.

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