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How to generate VAT EDI?

What is Customs EDI?

Online, real-time electronic interface with the trade, transport, Banks and regulatory agencies concerned with customs clearance of import and export cargo through ICEGATE. ICES is designed to exchange/transact customs clearance related information electronically using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

1.Login with Fresa Gold, Goto Accounts -> Tax reports -> VAT EDI , (Fig-1 & Fig-2).

freight forwarding



freight forwarding


2. Select the From date , To date and EDI Type then Click Generate button  (Fig-3)

freight forwarding


3. Now system list out the voucher list and generate the VAT EDT file (notepad format). Click the DOWNLOAD button, the file stored in the local folder. (Fig 4)

freight forwarding


4. This is a sample VAT EDI file.

freight forwarding

I hope you got an idea about how to generate VAT EDI File.

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