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How to change the Client Name in Booking..?

Here you can learn about how to change the client name in booking. 1. Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Shipment/ Job (Fig.1). Fig.1 2. Click Organization in the Shipment(Fig.2). Fig.2 3. Click Edit to change the Client Name (Fig.3). Fig.3 4. Select the New Client Name and click Save …

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How to Create a New Party like Client/Supplier/vendor/Agent/Airline/Carrier/Bank in Fresa Gold.

Dear User, We can create a new party  like as Client/Supplier/vendor/Agent/Airline/Carrier in Fresa Gold using below steps. 1. Goto Master => select organization master from the list (Fig-1). You can get the list of already created customer/Client/Supplier/vendor/Agent/Airline/Carrier, you can download the same in different format using Options(Fig-2) (Fig-1) (Fig-2) 2. if …

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How to unpost a voucher in Fresa XPress

Dear User, Fresa XPress system have 4 status for all voucher, First status is Created, while you create a voucher by default system will assign the created status, then second status is approved and final one status is Posted, Posted status is used for freeze the accounting transaction of respective voucher …

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