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How to generate the Air Way Bill…?

1. Login with Fresa Gold, navigate to Masters—> AWB Stock Master (Fig.1). Fig.1 2. Click Create button to create new AWB (Fig.2). Fig.2 3. Enter the Airline, Airline code, Start No., End No and click Generate button (Fig.3). Fig.3 Hope you got an idea about generating AWB Number.

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How to Map a organization group for an organization …?

Here you can learn about, how to Map an organization group for an organization. 1. Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Master click Organization (Fig.1). Fig.1 2. Select the particular customer (Fig.2) Fig.2 3. Click Edit option (Fig.3). Fig.3 4. Select the Group from the Group list and click Save …

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How to create Organization Group List..?

Here you can learn about how to create organization group list. 1. Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Masters, click Organization Group List (Fig.1). Fig.1 2. Here you can see the list of groups to create new, click Create button (Fig.2). Fig.2 3. Enter the Code, Name and click Save option (Fig.3). …

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How to create organization?

Click the master menu and select organization Click the create button Now enter the organization name, language name, VAT/ TRN No. and salesperson name and then click the next button Now you can enter the organization address details like primary address or billing address or any other, once created the organization …

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How to change the client name.?

Here, you can learn about how change a client name in Organization Master. 1.Login with  Fresa Gold, Open Masters ->  Organization master (Fig-1), you can get the list of organization, Fig-1 2. Edit the respective organization from the list, Which one you want to rename. (Fig-2) . Fig-2 3. This …

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How to create a new Carrier/Airline Fresa Gold.?

Here, you can find how to create carrier/Airline in Fresa gold 1. Goto Master =>organization master from the list (Fig-1). You can get the list of already created customer/Client/Supplier/vendor/Agent/Airline/Carrier, you can download the same in different format using Options(Fig-2) (Fig-1) (Fig-2) 2. if you want to create a new Carrier/Airline, …

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