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How to create a Call Sheet..?

Here you can learn about how to create Call Sheet. 1. Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Sales, select Call Sheet (Fig.1). Fig.1 2. Click Create to create new Call Sheet (Fig.2). Fig.2 3. Now the Call Sheet is Created (Fig.3). Fig.3 4. If you need to add the additional …

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How to auto pickup salesperson in shipment from organization master..?

1. Login to Fresa Gold and navigate to Masters–> Organization and select an organization (Fig.1) Fig.1 2. Now select the Employee tab and select department as Sales and select the Employee name and click Save (Fig.2) 3. Now if you create a shipment for that organization it will show the sales …

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How to generate Salesman wise Outstanding Report ?

Here you can learn about how to generate salesman wise outstanding report. 1.Login with Fresa Gold, Naviagate to Sales—> Report Sales (Fig.1). Fig.1 2.Click A/R Aging (Clientwise) report. (Fig.2). Fig.2 3.Fill the required fields, i.e , Created Branch, COA, Organization, Controlling Branch, Currency and Salesperson  and other required field and click Submit button …

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