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How generate Credit note in Fresa Gold.?

Here, You can find how to generate credit note from Shipment/Job. 1.Login with Fresa Gold and open shipment/Job then click add button to add charges (Fig-1) Fig-1 2. Enter your required charge, which one you want to generate Credit note , select the unit, shipment, enter the amount and finally …

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How to change the client name.?

Here, you can learn about how change a client name in Organization Master. 1.Login with  Fresa Gold, Open Masters ->  Organization master (Fig-1), you can get the list of organization, Fig-1 2. Edit the respective organization from the list, Which one you want to rename. (Fig-2) . Fig-2 3. This …

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How to generate/print AR OS detail in Fresa Gold.?

Here, you can find how to print /download, 1.Login with Fresa Gold, Goto Accounts->A/R->A/R O/S Details, (Fig-1),  Fig-1 2. Open A/R O/S details, Select COA name,Organization name, if you required branch wise, you can select the created branch,Currency, Cash/Credit customer, job/shipment department and finally click submit button to view reports. …

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How to map COA/ledger for customer/vendor.?

Here, if you are facing ‘* Check the organization is mapped into the account (or) there is no costing entries in your shipment / job!‘ this Warning message (fig-1), while you generate invoice /purchase invoice from job/shipment, you have to check did you entered costing for the particular party in …

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How to create a new Carrier/Airline Fresa Gold.?

Here, you can find how to create carrier/Airline in Fresa gold 1. Goto Master =>organization master from the list (Fig-1). You can get the list of already created customer/Client/Supplier/vendor/Agent/Airline/Carrier, you can download the same in different format using Options(Fig-2) (Fig-1) (Fig-2) 2. if you want to create a new Carrier/Airline, …

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