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How to Generate EDI..?

Here you can learn about, how to generate EDI. 1. Login with Fresa Gold, open the particular Shipment/ Job (Fig.1). Fig.1 2. Select the EDI type and click Generate EDI (Fig.2). Fig.2 3. Now the EDI is successfully generated (Fig.3). Fig.3 4. To download the EDI, click Download (Fig.4) Fig.4 …

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How to generate Dubai Trade Export Manifest in Fresa Gold.?

Here, you can find how to generate Export Manifest in Fresa Gold. Login with Fresa Gold, Open respective job under Documentation -> All jobs,edit the respective job from the all job list.  Edit the job, open custom region  and click EDI button, (Fig-1), Fig-1 3. Once click EDI button, you can see …

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