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How to auto pickup salesperson in shipment from organization master..?

1. Login to Fresa Gold and navigate to Masters–> Organization and select an organization (Fig.1) Fig.1 2. Now¬†select the Employee tab and select department as Sales and select the Employee name and click Save (Fig.2) 3. Now if you create a shipment for that organization it will show the sales …

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How to add Employee name in Organization master.?

Here, you can learn once created organization how to add/edit employee name in the created organization. Login with Fresa Gold, Goto Master -> Organization master (Fig-1), select the required organization from organization master list (Fig-2), Fig-1 Fig-2 2. Open the organization, click Employee region and click Add button to add …

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How to create a salesperson in Fresa Gold?

Dear User, please find the below step to create a new salesperson in Fresa Gold, 1. Go to HR –> Employee Master –> you can see your list of existing employee Fig-1 2. if you want to create new sales person click create button on the right side top window. …

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