Value-added tax or VAT is an indirect tax, which is imposed on goods and services at each stage of production, starting from raw materials to the final product. VAT is levied on the value additions at different stages of production. VAT is widely applied in European countries.


Step 1: Navigate to Accounts Module, select Tax Reports (Fig.1)


Step 2: select VAT Charge wise Report to take the report according to the charge wise (Fig.2).



Step 3: Enter the Date Range of From and To Date, and the Select the Charge and voucher type, once entered click Submit button (Fig.3)


Step 4: Now it will reflect the report for particular Charge wise of shipment, job and Voucher number with the department, organization(Fig.4).


Step 5: To download the report, click the Option button and Download, it will download the file in Excel and CSV (Fig.5).


I hope you have an idea about taking the report VAT Report charge wise details.

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