effect of Back days
As Fresa Application is an Online Software, Fresa Technologies supports day to day updating of activities such as creation of shipments/job and generations of vouchers in the system on daily basis regularly.
Fresa Technologies is not recommending the past completed old details to be loaded on system. Fresa Team is not responsible for any queries that are faced while updating the backdated entries.

Limitations of giving backdate to Shipments:

  1. The sequence number of Shipments will be in-consistent.
  2. The date given to the shipments will get collapsed. As it might be a problem during shipments search with those date range.
  3. Availability of Shipments will be affected.
  4. It will provide a major defect in data integrity and consistency.

Limitations of giving backdate to Jobs:

  1. The sequence number of jobs will be in-consistent.
  2. The date given to the jobs will get collapsed. As management reports are running through job date, it will cause generation of in-consistent statements to be printed on reports time to time.
  3. We are recommending to use the application from go-live date only.
  4. We are providing Back date to users with their own risk involved in it.
  5. The job profitability may get vary time to time.
  6. In some special cases we can give backdate upto 30 days.

Limitations of giving backdate to Vouchers:

  1. The sequence number of vouchers will be inconsistent.
  2. The date given to the Vouchers will get collapsed.
  3. As it is finance related discipline, we have to follow the local government and statutory requirements. By giving back days, users are violating the local statutory requirements. That is the main reason why Fresa Technologies is not supporting backdate option in software.
  4. We are having backdate option in our system for some local legal requirements received from your auditors.
  5. Results of the backdate entries, will provide inconsistent profitability/tax related reports.
Note: Fresa Technologies is not responsible for the above mentioned problem at any cause. The User is allowed to use the Fresa Application from when you are starting to pay for it.
For further clarification, send your queries to support@fresatechnologies.com because our motto is to help customers.
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