In this digital age, it makes so much sense to eliminate the use of paper to the extent possible. Printing, processing and storage are not only expensive but are an inefficient use of company resources. Now, it’s possible to use digital signatures to sign electronic documents. Digitally signed documents are secure, making it impossible for anyone to tamper with them. They also have legal validity for most document types in India.
What are the benefits of digital signatures?
Security is the main benefit of digital signatures. Security capabilities embedded in digital signatures ensure a document is not altered and signatures are legitimate. Security features and methods used in digital signatures include the following:
1. Automated signing of large number of documents quickly.
2. Save time, money and resources. Streamline your processes.
3. Eliminate the risk of forgery and document tampering.
4. Eliminate the need to print documents. Save paper, go green.
5. Convenience of anytime/anywhere online signing. No hassle of posting documents around for signatures.
6. Signatures as per regulations of Govt. of India.
We have enabled the New Feature in Fresa Gold, Digital Signature for Invoice
Step1: Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to all vouchers.
Step2: Select the voucher type as Invoice and click Submit option.
Step 3: Open the Invoice and check whether the Invoice status is posted. only then, while generating Invoice Report, you will get the Digital signature.
Note : If the voucher status is Created or approved, it will not show the Digital Signature.
Step 4: Now in Invoice Report you will get the Digital Signature.
Step5: We Can Verify the Digital Signature by downloading the invoice report in PDF format, click the Digital Signature we can find the Green tick on that.
Step6: We Can view the Digital Signature properties by clicking the digital signature in PDF Reader the Signature Validation Dialogue box will be open, in that click the properties button in that we can find the properties of the Digital Signature.
Note: To enable the DIGITAL Signature in Fresa , we are using third party vendor IRIS, They are providing API, using API we providing the DIGITAL SIGNATURE invoice report. To enable the Digital Signature cost will involve.
The above blog explains about How do we take invoice report with Digital Signature in Fresa Gold.
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