Credit note in Fresa Gold-1
Here, You can find how to generate credit note from Shipment/Job.

1.Login with Fresa application and open shipment/Job then click add button to add charges (Fig-1) FIG_1


2. Enter your required charge, which one you want to generate Credit note , select the unit, shipment, enter the amount and finally set Dr/Cr as Dr(-) (Fig-2) and click save and close. Screenshot_4


3. You have entered charge now, click Generate voucher to create credit note (Fig-3) FIG_3


4. Select the voucher type as Credit note and select party, click Next Button.(Fig-4), FIG_4


5. Here, you can select the voucher date, GL date, Book, ref no. and ref date, click next (Fig-5), you can see the list of entered charges, here, you can select which one you want to generate Credit note.(Fig-5).


6. Finally, you got summary page and click Finish button, to generate credit note from Job.(Fig-6) FIG_6


Hope, You got idea about how to generate Credit note from Shipment/job.
Also further you can watch the below demo video for How to Generate Credit note from Job/Shipment in Fresa Application

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