In this blog, we will see how roles and rights work in Fresa Application.
1. How are the User Rights working?
If a company has four employees, then we can provide or restrict all the other employee’s rights to each other so that the Employee 1 Created Jobs and shipments can be visible or hidden to Employee 2, Employee 3, and Employee 4. If an employee can be provided with another Employee’s Rights, then they will be able to see the other Employee’s data like
  • Shipments
  • Jobs
  • Quotations
  • Vouchers
If an employee is provided with All Users rights, then they can be able to see all the Users Created data in any Search Options in the system. If a particular employee’s rights are restricted, the data Created by the employee won’t be visible in search options for other employees.
fig 1
2. How are the Employee Rights working?
As same as User rights, we can give Specific Employee rights to the user, thereby we can restrict the rights of one sales person from another. The same can be done to restrict the rights of operation, Accounts, and other Employees too.
fig 2
3. How are the Department of Rights working?
We can give as well as restrict the Departments to the Employees. By doing so the Employees can create Shipments, Jobs, and Quotations with the Departments if they have rights. Also if an Employee has all User’s rights but they are not having Department rights, then the data of shipments and jobs won’t be shown to an employee.
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fig 3
4. How are the Module Rights working?
As per their role, the module rights can be given. It can also be restricted if needed. The below Module rights can be given to the user. It includes
  • Customer Service
  • Documentation
  • Operation
  • Accounts
  • HR
  • Management
  • Quotation
  • Sales
  • Masters
  • Warehouse
  • My Reports
  • Einvoice
Example: For Accounts Person Accounts with other Module rights will be given.
fig 4
5. How do the Voucher Rights work?
According to the Employee’s role any Voucher rights like Invoice, Receipt Voucher, Payment Voucher, Purchase Invoice, Contra Voucher, Reversal Voucher Payment Request, etc., can be given. We can restrict the Status changing Options of the vouchers to the Users.
Example: Employee 1 can be provided with Voucher Creation rights and another one can be provided with Voucher Posting and Approval rights.
fig 5
6. How the Quick Search Option is working?
The Search items provided in the Quick Search Option can be restricted to any user. For Example, Users can be restricted with the Shipment Search in the Quick Search button.
fig 6
7. How is the Organization Name Change Password working?
The Organization Name Change Password will be given from our end if needed. It can be used to edit the name of the Organization. Also, it can be used to change the Employee name in the HR Module.
The Organization Name Change Password will be shown only if they have rights.
fig 7
8. How is the Reversal Voucher Password working?
The Reversal Voucher Password will be provided from our end if needed, If any voucher is posted wrongly then the only option is to reverse that. It is completely rights-based.
voucher password
fig 8
9. How are the Buttons in the Fresa Application working?
Create Button:
If a user has Create button rights, then they will be able to Create anything in the system. Example: Shipment Creation, Job Creation.
fig 9.1
Update Button:
If a user has Update button rights, then they will be able to update the data in the system. Example: Changing the BOE number
fig 9.2
Delete Button:
If a user has Delete button rights, then they will be able to delete the Charges in a Job or Shipment before Invoice Generation. Also, they can delete the charges in the Voucher Account details.
Roles and rights
fig 9.3
Download Button and Print Button:
Any user can be restricted with the Download and Print button rights, If a user is not having a download and Print button then they won’t be able to download anything in the system as well as Print.
fig 9.4
Cost, Sale, GP, Ex Rate Buttons:
The user can add cost and sale charges if they have rights. If they don’t have rights, then the Add button to add charges in the Costing tab won’t be shown. We can restrict to see Job level Gross Profitability for any users. In Voucher Account details, we can restrict the Exchange Rate shown to any user.
fig 9.5
10. How are the Exceptional Reports working?
Apart from the reports given in the My Reports Module, there are some exceptional reports present in Fresa Application. It can also be given if needed.
All vouchers
fig 10
11. How are the Dashboards working?
The Dashboards in Fresa Application can be customized according to the user’s role.
Example: Accounts person can be given Accounts Dashboard A Salesperson can be given Sales Dashboard.
fig 11
12. How is the Voucher correction Password working?
The Voucher correction password will be provided if any changes like Remarks, Narration, Vat Invoice number, Vat Invoice date, Cheque Reference date, Cheque Reference number, and detailed Narration can be changed in the Posted voucher.
fig 12
13. How are the Branch rights working?
Any branch rights can be given and also restricted to any Employees.
Example: Employee 1 can be provided with Chennai and Bangalore branch rights.
fig 13
14. How are the shipment status rights working?
We can provide Shipment status to an Employee. The below shipment statuses can also be restricted if needed.
  • Arrived
  • Booked
  • Cancelled
  • Closed
  • Completed
  • Customs
  • Delivered
  • Departed
  • Exit
  • Loaded
  • Opened
  • Picked up
  • ROT Received
  • Ready to Invoice
  • Released
  • Sailed
  • Unloaded
  • Verified
Example: Employee 1 can be provided with Completed, Arrived, Booked, and Closed Shipment Status.
fig 14
15. How are the Job status rights working?
We can provide Job-status to an Employee as same as Shipment Status. The below shipment statuses can also be restricted if needed.
  • Activity Completed
  • Cancelled
  • Closed
  • Created
  • customs
  • Exit
  • Opened
  • Prorated
  • Ready to Invoice
  • Validated
  • Re-Opened
Example: Employee 1 can be provided with cancelled and Closed Job Status.
fig 15
16. How are the Payment Terms rights working?
We can give as well as restrict the payment terms for an employee which is needed while giving credit terms during organization creation
fig 16
17. How are the Currency rights working?
All the Employees will be given rights with the currencies they were using, but if we needed we can provide any currency to any user.
Roles and rights
fig 17
18. How are the Mails, Attachments, and Comments rights working?
We can provide Mail sending rights to an Employee if necessary. So that they can send a mail to their customers from the Fresa Application.
fig 18.1
If an employee is provided with Attachment rights, then they will be able to attach documents like pdf in Fresa Application.
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fig 18.2
We can give Comments rights to a user, then they will be able to see internal comments in Fresa Application.
fig 18.3
Hope now we got an idea on How roles and rights work in Fresa Application.
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