What is Costing?

Cost is a sacrificed resource to obtain something, costing is a process of determining costs, cost accounting is a technique to assist management in establishing various budgets, standards, etc. and cost accountancy is the practice of costing and cost accounting.

Cost of sales: The cost incurred for the materials as where the materials are to be used for converting them into a product for the purpose of sales. Cost of purchases: The cost incurred for the acquiring stocks and the cost associate for the acquisition of the stocks as when they reach a stage for storage or operation.

Here you are going to learn about the steps to add cost charges in a job.

Step 1: Login with Fresa Gold and open the respective job from all jobs. (Fig-1) cost charges


Step 2: Click the costing tab in a particular job. (Fig-2) cost charges


Step 3: Select the cost option in the job. (Fig-3) cost charges


Step 4: Select the Add charge option. (Fig-4) cost charges


Step 5: Add all the cost details and click the save button. (Fig-5) cost charges


Step 6: Cost charges will be added to the job. (Fig-6) cost charges


I hope you got an idea about how to add cost charges in a job.
Also further you can watch the below demo video for How to add cost charges in a job in Fresa Application

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