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What is an HS Code?

HS stands for Harmonized System. It was developed by the WCO (World Customs Organization) as a multipurpose international product nomenclature that describes the type of good that is shipped. Today, customs officers must use HS code to clear every commodity that enters or crosses any international borders.

HS Code Structure
The HS code can be described as follows:
It is a six-digit identification code.
It has 5000 commodity groups.
Those groups have 99 chapters.
Those chapters have 21 sections.
It’s arranged in a legal and logical structure.
Well-defined rules support it to realize uniform classification worldwide.

Here you are going to learn about the steps to add HS Description in a job.
Step 1: Login with Fresa Gold and open the respective job from all jobs. (Fig-1)

 all jobs


Step 2: Select Container tab in the job. (Fig-2)

 all jobs


Step 3: Click edit option in the container details.

 all jobs


Step 4: Add HS description detail and Click Save changes. (Fig-4)

 all jobs


Step 5: HS code description will be added in the job. (Fig-5)

 all jobs


I hope you got an idea about how to add HS description in a job.

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