In this blog, How to Avoid Error Warning Message While Changing the Display Name in Fresa Application.

Step 1: When attempting to change the display name, the system will display the following warning message in response. This occurs because special characters such as “@” and “.” (dot) have been entered in the Email Display Name.
Fig 1
Step 2: To Avoid the Warning Message. Log in to the Fresa Application and navigate to the user portal.
Fig 2
Step 3: Within the user portal, select “Edit Profile.”
Fig 3
Step 4: To resolve this warning message, verify and correct the Email Display Name.
Fig 4
Step 5: After making the necessary changes, you will be able to successfully change the display name.
Fig 5
This blog post provides detailed instructions on avoiding the Error Warning Message while Changing the Display Name in the Fresa Application.
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