tds calculate 1
Here you can learn about how to calculate TDS in Purchase invoice.
Step1: Login with fresa Gold and Open the respective job that needs to generate purchase invoice (Fig1.)
tds calculate 1
Step2: Select the costing tab in job and click add costing (fig2.)
tds calculate 2
Step3: Enter the charge details and click save button (Fig3.)
tds calculate 3
Step4: Click the purchase invoice button under Costing tab (Fig4.)
tds calculate 4
Step5: Enter the details in purchase invoice and click save button (Fig5.)
tds calculate 5
Step6: Click the Edit in the costing tab for viewing purchase invoice page (Fig6.)
Step7: In purchase invoice voucher screen, click the Calc TDS button (Fig7.)
tds calculate 7
Step 8 : Map the TDS ledger in the organization master like go to master>>organization >> search the organization name >>> in organization >>> select TDS Tab>>>click add>> select the TDS Account and click save or Update the TDS Ledger in Organization Master and click save button (Fig8.)
Step 9: Now, the System will automatically calculate the TDS for purchase invoice.
I hope you got an idea about how to calculate TDS in Purchase invoice.
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