Corporate Tax
In this blog, we are going to see How to Calculate the Corporate Tax in Fresa Application.
a. Add the Invoice Branch in Charge Mapping screen:
Step 1: Login to Fresa Application and go to the Charge Map menu under the Accounts Module.
Corporate Tax
Fig 1
Step 2: In the COA Charge Map List screen, Edit the required Charge.
Fig 2
Step 3: Enter the required Invoice Branch and Click Save Changes.
Corporate Tax
Fig 3
b. Add the Invoice Branch in Costing screen under Shipment:
Step 4: Go to the All Shipments menu under the Customer Service Module.
Fig 4
Step 5: Now Click on the required shipment number. It will be navigated to the Shipment page.
Fig 5
Step 6: In Shipment page, go to the Costing menu and Click the Add button.
Corporate Tax
Fig 6
Step 7: If we entered the Invoice Branch name in Charge Map, it will be automatically shown in the Invoice Branch column after selected the Charge.(If needed we can change the branch name)
Corporate Tax
Fig 7
c. Generate Multiple Invoice based on Costing invoice branch at Single Entry:
Step 8: Now enter the Charge details in Costing and the required Invoice branch and Click Save and Close button.
Corporate Tax
Fig 8
Step 9: Same like, enter all the charges in Costing page and Click the Simple Invoice button. It will be shown the all Invoice Branch charges here.
Fig 9
Step 10: If we want to create the Seperate Invoices for different invoice branch at once, Select the Invoice Branch as All then click Save button.
Corporate Tax
Fig 10
d. Generate one branch Invoice based on Costing entry:
Step 11: If we want to create the invoice for one branch, Select the required Invoice Branch. System will be shown the selected branch charges only, now Click Save button.
Fig 11
Step 12: Now the Invoice has been created based on the Invoice branch selection.
Fig 12
e. Charge Group:
Step 13: Click on the Sale button in the Costing page under Shipment.
How to Calculate the Corporate Tax in Fresa Application
Fig 13
Step 14: Here we can see the Charge Group Name column, enter the name in Required charge line items and Click Save button.
Fig 14
Step 15: Now Click the Reports and Select the A. Shipping Instruction for Client report.
How to Calculate the Corporate Tax in Fresa Application
Fig 15
Step 16: In this report, the grouped charge name and details will be shown on the given name.
Fig 16
f. Voucher List:
Step 17: Once the Job status changed as Activity Completed, Report option will be shown under the Voucher List.
Corporate Tax
Fig 17
Step 18: Now Click the Voucher List button in the Costing page and Click on the Report option.
Corporate Tax
Fig 18
Step 19: In this report, we can see the all Invoice charge details.
How to Calculate the Corporate Tax in Fresa Application
Fig 19
g. A/R Outstanding report:
Step 20: Now go to the A/R O/S details report in the A/R under Accounts module.
How to Calculate the Corporate Tax in Fresa Application
Fig 20
Step 21: Enter the required details like To Date, Organization and Click submit button. Voucher details will be shown for that Client like below.
Fig 21
Step 22: Click the Reports button in this Outstanding Voucher wise Details page.
Fig 22
Step 23: Select the Outstanding Letter report, in this report we can see the separate voucher details based on Invoice branch.
Fig 23
Step 24: Select the Outstanding Letter Format 1 report, In this report we can see the Voucher No. details in a Shipment number column and in the Ref No. column the voucher number will be shown based on Invoice branch.
How to Calculate the Corporate Tax in Fresa Application
Fig 24
The above blog post explains the steps to Calculate the Corporate Tax in Fresa Application.
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