cancel prorate

What is Pro Rate?

Pro rate is a Latin term used to describe a proportionate allocation. It essentially translates to “in proportion,” which means a process where whatever is being allocated will be distributed in equal portions.

Proration is transferring the cost from Master Job to Shipment based on weight or volume or kgs. More than one shipment you can enter the cost charges in Master level, after that click prorate it will transfer the cost from master job to all shipment based on weight or volume or kgs.

Here you are going to learn about the steps to cancel prorate in a job.
Step 1: Login with Fresa Gold and open the respective job from all jobs. (Fig-1)


Step 2: Click the costing tab in the particular job. (Fig-2)


Step 3: Select the sale option in the job. (Fig-3)


Step 4: Select cancel prorate option. (Fig-4)


Step 5: Select Ok in confirmation dialogue box. (Fig-5)


Step 6: Pro ration will be cancelled in the job. (Fig-6)


I hope you got an idea about how to cancel pro-rate in a job.

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