Cancel E-invoice

Here you are going to learn about the steps to cancel the E-invoice.

Step 1: After that go to E-invoice india module. Select the IRN cancel E-invoice India List (Fig-1)
Cancel E-invoice
Step 2: Select the date range from and to date, then select required details and click submit button. (Fig-2)
Cancel E-invoice
Step 3: Selected details will be displayed on the screen, now select the required voucher and click Cancel IRN icon. (Fig-3)
Cancel E-invoice
Step 4: Select the reason for cancel and remarks, then click Cancel IRN. (Fig-4) (Fig-5)
Cancel E-invoice
Step 5: Now click ok to confirm for cancel. (Fig-6)
Cancel E-invoice
Step 6: Now respective E-invoice in cancelled. (Fig-7)
Cancel E-invoice

1. Once Cancelled, again can’t able to recreate the IRN for this voucher.

2. Cancel can do within 24 hrs of submission.

The above blog post explains about the steps to cancel the E-invoice.
Also further you can watch the below demo video for How to Cancel an E-invoice in Fresa Application

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