Fresa Customer service:

Fresa is announcing our new and fundamentally different approach to customer service that dramatically improve the way we serve our customers. Our new Support platform, Whats app Customer Service creates a unified customer experience that connects directly to customer service person instead of having conservation 1. Login with Fresa Gold, click your username. (Fig.1) user profile


  2. Click whats app icon system will directly take you to web.whatsapp form connecting your support person if you have already login into web whats app.(fig.2) Whats app Icon


  conversation screen of Whats app


3. If Web Whats app have not logged in, then go to where you will get the below screen. Here Users need to scan the QR code from their Mobile QR code scanner (Fig.4 & Fig 5) Whatsapp web portal


whatsapp web

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Who We Are

Fresa Technologies Pvt Ltd is an independent, neutral and professional software company that provides IT and IT enabled services with focus on providing solutions only to Freight forwarding and shipping industries.

Fresa Technologies also focus on developing cost effective and efficient Freight Forwarding Software Applications with a user friendly interface and back office solutions. It also focuses on infrastructure and hardware support such as developing & maintaining websites and Mail Services.

Our team comprises of highly skilled individuals, who are experienced architects in designing & developing Freight forwarding & logistics software for over 20 years. They are domain experts and specialize in providing customized, user friendly and cost effective solutions. They focus on enhancing user experience and satisfaction for a sustainable relationship.

Fresa Technologies has built a customized Cloud ERP software with the great inputs of 25+ years’ proficiency in Freight Forwarding and Logistics domain, cutting edge technology and certified quality assured methods.

Fresa services extended with 1200+ customers in 38+ countries over more than 9+ years. In a short span, Fresa has evolved with a revolutionary software platform for every essential need of Freight Forwarders, Logistics Professionals and Shipping Communities.

Fresa Technologies drives its energies with the reliance of employees, upgrading products and competence in services. Fresa established its trustworthy interface by assisting Shipping and Logistics team players in a wide array of solutions.

Fresa emerges as an active crew for a future perfect workforce in this fast pacing global Freight Forwarding Software tracks. Fresa actively aims for developing the success paths for the customers, stakeholders and employees by developing ample possibilities with the best in class.