Create Airline 1
Here, you can find how to create Airline in Fresa Application.
Step 1: Login with Fresa Gold and Select the Master module. (Fig-1)
Create Airline 1
Step 2: Then select the Organization option. (Fig-2)
Create Airline 2
Step 3: We can find the existing created customer/Client/Supplier/vendor/Agent/Airline/Carrier list. To create a new Airline, Click create button. (Fig-3)
Step 4: Enter the name of the Airline, select the Primary type as carrier and enter the other required details. Then click next button. In Organization address page, enter the Carrier address details and then Click next button. (Fig-4)
Create Airline 4
Step 5: In Organization category page, select the Airline from the category list and then select the branch, account details, currency, payment type. Then click the next button. (Fig-5)
Create Airline 5
Step 6: Finally verify all the details and click Finish button. (Fig-6)
Create Airline 6
Step 7: Now the Airline is created successfully. (Fig-7)
Create Airline 7
To create a new Carrier, follow the steps in the below given blog link
Also further you can watch the below demo video for How to create a new Carrier/Airline in Fresa Application
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