Here, you can get how to generate a sales invoice fro m a shipment or Job and once invoice posted how to generate receipt voucher for that mentioned full amount.

1. Open a respective job/shipment which one you have to generate sale invoice, then enter the charges using costing screen (Fig-1),



then select the client from organization master (how to create client from organization master) , enter the sale amount, if Tax applicable for this charge code, you can choose tax type (Fig-2) and Save.



2. Now, click generate sale invoice button from job/shipment (Fig-3).



3 . Now you will get new screen to enter required details, select the bill to party name and you can get entered list of charges in the screen, mention the currency,  if required in other currency invoice mention the Currency and select required charges, finally click Save for generate invoice.(Fig-4), system will generate invoice for selected charges



4. To view/Edit the invoice, click Voucher list button the job/shipment then post the Sale invoice. to take print out of the invoice click Voucher list from the job/shipment and open respective voucher, using report button on the invoice you can get print or send invoice to client thru mail.

Once invoice approved and Posted you can generate receipt voucher from the Invoice (Fig-5) , click  generate receipt voucher, fig_5


5. Now, you have enter required details for generate new receipt voucher for invoice amount (Fig-6)



How to generate direct /open receipt voucher for a party