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What is a receipt?

A receipt is a piece of paper or electronic document confirming that the seller received money from the purchaser. The receipt typically includes the date and a description of the item the purchaser bought. It also includes a description of the item the buyer purchased.

When the transaction is between two businesses, receipts contain information about the method of payment and the buyer. It is an acknowledgment from the vendor to the buyer that the vendor has received payment for a good or service.

Here you are going to learn about the steps to create Advance receipt and match the receipt with an invoice.
Step 1: Login with fresa gold and select the Accounts module. (Fig-1)

Advance receipt


Step 2: Select All Vouchers option. (Fig-2)

Advance receipt


Step 3: Select the voucher type as receipt then click Create single button. (Fig-3)

Advance receipt


Step 4: Create voucher by selecting date, party a/c, Bank name, and amount and then post the voucher.

Advance receipt


Step 5: Create an invoice by selecting date, party account and amount. The invoice date should be greater than the advance payment receipt date. (Fig-5)

Advance receipt


Step 6: Select Get OS option in the invoice. (Fig-6)

Advance receipt


Step 7: Select the Advance payment receipt that you have created earlier and click save. (Fig-7)

Advance receipt


Step 8: Change the status of the invoice to approved and click save. (Fig-8)

Advance receipt


Step 9: Click reports and select standard invoice. The advance payment will be adjusted in the invoice. (Fig-9)

Advance receipt


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