What is Chart of Account Group

An account group is a segregating or grouping similar accounts into a single group. Each account group in SAP is assigned to a chart of accounts, so you can only use the account group if the controlling areas use the same Chart of Accounts

Why Account Group

If you want to check current asset balances or prepare P&L accounts, Balance sheets, you need to verify each account and then you need to add and assign to their respective accounts. This process may take a lot of time. So to overcome these issues SAP has provided account groups.

Here you are going to learn about the steps to delete the Saved Report.

Step 1: Log in with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Accounts Module, select the Accounts Settings menu (Fig.1)


Step 2: Select COA Group (Fig.2)


Step 3: In Chart of Accounts Group, Click Create button (Fig.3)


Step 4:  In Chart of Accounts Group Edit, enter the required columns like Code, Name, Type, Parent Group, and Save (Fig.4)


Step 5: Now we created the Group (Fig.5)


I hope you have an idea about creating the  COA Group.
Also further you can watch the below demo video for How to create COA Group in Fresa Application

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