Dear User, Here you can learn about how to generate Contra voucher in Fresa Gold,

1. Login with Fresa Gold, Open Accounts -> All vouchers, select the voucher type as CONTRA VOUCHER, click submit to view already created voucher, to create new contra voucher, click create single in right side top on the same screen(Fig-1).



2. Now, you can see the screen for enter required details to Contra voucher, like Voucher date, book, currency, reference number, narration and etc., (Fig-2) finally click Save button to create Contra voucher.



3. Then using account details region you can add the Dr and Cr details, Click Add button to add account/ledger details. (Fig-3)



4.  Here you can add Dr/Cr accounts details, Account name, amount and other required details, (Fig-4), same as you can enter another Dr/Cr ledger details.



For example , If you are withdraw 10,000 AED from Bank account, select the bank account under Account name, Dr/Cr as Cr and click save and new, same way again you have to enter one more entry with same amount, select petty cash /cash account under Account name and Dr/Cr as Dr and click save and close, Under this contra voucher Bank account is Cr and cash account is Dr. (Fig-5).



We have created the Contra voucher for withdraw amount from Bank account to Cash, verify your entry, Approve and post it, Hope you got idea about how to create Contra voucher in Fresa gold.