salesperson in Fresa Gold-1
Dear User, please find the below step to create a new salesperson in Fresa Application,

1. Go to HR –> Employee Master –> you can see your list of existing employee fig_1


2. if you want to create new sales person click create button on the right side top window. (Fig-2) fig_2


3. Here, you have to mention the employee code, name, Display name , Employee type , Designation and finally most import is department, If you are generating Sales person name in Fresa Application you have to mention the Department as ‘SALES’, then mention your other additional details and click Save button. fig_3


Now, the mentioned salesperson name has been created, while you are generate any organization or shipment, system will reflect the particular name as Sales person field.
Also further you can watch the below demo video for How to create Employee in Fresa Application

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