Accounts in Fresa Gold-1

Here you can learn about how to create merging accounts in Fresa Gold.

Purpose : The purpose of accounts merging is wrong account transactions are move under correct account.

  • Login with Fresa Gold application and click Accounts menu
  • Here you can see the Merging – Accounts Menu
  • Click the Merging – Accounts menu



  • You can see the accounts merging list
  • Click the Create button (Show fig.2)



  • Now you can select the organization blocked COA Name  in (From Account Name (Blocked)
  • You can select Active Account for To Account Name
  • Select the Approved By  and click the next button (Show fig.3)



  • Here you can see the From Account Outstanding Detail in left hand side
  • Right hand side you can see the To Account Outstanding detail
  • Click the next button



  • Here you can see the  Accounts Merging Summary, blocked account outstanding amount will merge with To Account
  • Check the both from account and to account outstanding details
  • Click the Finish Button
  • Once Finished the accounts merging, check the outstanding for To Account



Hope you got an idea about how to create merging accounts.

Important Note :  Once merged the accounts can’t rollback, so before accounts merging verify both account name and outstanding amount details and then do the merging.