What is Petty Cash?

The Petty cash fund is a small amount of money available for paying small expenses without writing a check. Petty Cash is also the title of the general ledger’s current asset account that reports the amount of the company’s petty cash.

The petty cash is controlled through the use of a petty cash voucher for each payment made. The expenses will be recorded in the company’s general ledger expense accounts when the petty cash on hand is replenished.

1. Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Accounts—>All Voucher, select the voucher type as Payment Voucher and click Create (Single) button (Fig.1).

Payment voucher


2. Enter the required details, voucher date, Bank/Cash mention the petty cash, narration, pay to and other required details and click the Save button to create payment voucher. (Fig-2).

Book and Acoount


3. once voucher created, click Add button in Account details to add the charges(Fig-3).

Account details


4. One-click add button, you can see the details, like A/C name, amount, narration and other details, once completed required details, finally click Save and close. (Fig-4).

printing expense


I hope you got an idea about petty cash payment voucher.

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