Spilt -bill of lading

What is split-bill of lading

Split bills of lading are bills that are issued for only part of the cargo originally carried on board the ship even though the cargo was initially carried under one single set of bills of lading.

Under the original set of bills, delivery can only take place to the named consignee. In the event that the owner is asked by the charterer to deliver the cargo to more than one consignee, split bills of lading can be used to achieve this aim.

Often the reason for charterer’s request for delivering to more than one consignee is that there has been a change in the sale contract so that more than one receiver is to take delivery of the consignment divided up into parcels.

Here you can learn about the steps to create Spilt bill in fresa application.

Step 1: Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to particular Shipment. Select Spilt in respective shipment. (Fig.1)
Spilt -bill of lading
Step 2: Select the current shipment container details to spilt to new shipment and enter the details in new shipment then click split button. (Fig.2)
Step 3: Now confirm ok to split the shipment. (Fig.3)
Step 4: Now Successfully spilt is done to the new shipment. (Fig.4)
Spilt-bill of lading

The above blog post explains about the steps to create Spilt bill in fresa application.

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