Here, You can find how to create a Bank ledger, login with Fresa gold and find below steps. 1.Goto Accounts-> Accounts – Settings –> COA master (Fig-1), This COA master list should show the list of COA which you have already created and mapped in your system,


If you want to create a new ledger head or COA on the same COA master list, right side top you can see the Create button (Fig-2), click create button. FIG_12


2. Now, you can see the required attributes for create a new COA, Such as COA Code, Name, sub ledger required, charge required, job required, category, group, type and Currency. (Fig-3) FIG_2 where, sub-ledger required means when you create any voucher for this ledger/COA, you have assign some sub-ledger for this ledger, For example if you are generating Sundry creditors  as Sub-ledger yes, you can assign this COA under a supplier/vendor in Organization master. Job required same as when create voucher for this COA required any job number for reference i,e. Sea Freight income, Air freight expenses,. Charge Required same as i,e. Sea Freight income, Air freight expenses ledgers, Category this category list based on our nature of ledger , if you are creating Employee related ledger , like Advance staff salary you can mention category as Employee. If you are generate Bank related account, you have to mention category as Bank, Once entered everything you can click save button to create your entered ledger/COA. How to create and Map a new Charge code
Also further you can watch the below demo video for How to create a new ledger in COA master in Fresa Application

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