In this blog, we will see how to create an audit trail (Edit Log) in Fresa application.
  • Request MCA audit tracking in accounting software.
  • Fresa audit tracking function.
  • How to manage the test trail in Fresa.
  • The Fresa application has an edit log feature that helps us keep a log of the edits for each transaction, along with the date and time of each edit. We may also know the name of the user that initiated the change and track the deleted transaction. Not only transactions, but we can also track changes in the ledger, we can easily track the modified transaction from the reports and know the modified items by quickly comparing them with every earlier version.
    1)MCA audit trail requirement in accounting software:

    To give some context, the Ministry of Companies(MCA)has released an announcement that aims to include the audit tracking rule in accounting software. The task of maintaining a change login the accounting software was originally scheduled for April 2022, but has been postponed. Now, from April1,2023,companies will be required to maintain an audit trail for all transactions in accordance with the guidelines issued by the MCA.

    Applicability of the Audit Trail(change log)rule-Companies must follow the rule

    Audit tracking rules (version log) in accounting software from April1,2023

    2)Fresa application audit trail(log edit)feature:

    Reviewing the MCA audit trail requirements, Fresa Application is enhanced with an edit log feature that keep suscompliant from the very beginning. The first day. We can leverage this feature for better internal control and be ready when the rule becomes mandatory.

    Below wise list of audit tracking(log editing)features in the Fresa Application.

    Edit transaction and master log:
    The new audit tracking feature tracks activities such as creating, modifying, and deleting all transactions recorded in the Fresa Application. Not only for transactions, but we can also track the activity of all originals, such as ledgers
    Edit Fresa App Login:
    Know when and who made the changes Tracking only transaction activities/events is not enough. Knowing when and who recorded/edited transactions is important to understand the meaning of the edit log fully. The Fresa application change log feature comes with the ability to capture user details from creation to modification and deletion along with date details.
    Shipment Level:
    Job Level:
    Voucher Level:
    One of the benefits of the audit process is that it provides insights that help us build a complete picture and, therefore, help us analyze the impact of changes or modifications. The Fresa application edit log feature allows us to quickly compare previous versions and see what elements users changed.
    Edit log feature is permanently enabled According to MCA guidelines, change log should always been abled with no option to disable it in accounting software. To meet the requirements, Fresa Application has created a Edit Log” where the edit log feature will been abled by default, with no option to disable it. If we are a business under MCA jurisdiction, we must use the’ Fresa Application Editing Log’ version to maintain compliance
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