A Shipment act of handing over cargo to a carrier or other transportation service provider for transport.
Onboard a vessel, the act of placing cargo on a vessel. This can be defined as passing the ship´s rail. Once goods are successfully loaded, the carrier can issue a marine transportation document bearing an “on-board” notation

The booking confirmation is the document issued by the freight forwarder confirming all details of the booking you have made, except for the actual cost of the transportation. The booking confirmation is used as documentation for the booking and for sharing between shipper, consignee and other relevant parties as an easy reference of the booking details. If you present the booking confirmation to your bank, please note that it does not replace the bill of lading as confirmation of cargo shipped.


1. Login with Fresa Gold, Go to Documentation  (Fig-1).



2. Second, select the All Jobs (fig-2).



3. Select from date and to date. select the Department, Client and click submit button to view reports (fig-3).

Date range


4. Now, you can see the list of Jobs, you can download the report using the Options button and click to the download (fig-4).

List of reports


By following these steps you can view the list of Jobs

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