1. Login in with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Accounts-> All Vouchers, Open an invoice voucher (Fig.1).

Fig 1


2. Now you have to create a Receipt voucher for this invoice. So, navigate to Accounts–>All voucher, select the voucher type as Receipt voucher and fill the required fields,i,e. branch, Bank, Date, party A/C and click Save button (Fig.2).

Fig 2


3.Now click the Get OS button in the top right corner (Fig.3)

Fig 3


4. You can see the outstanding invoice voucher, now Select the voucher by Ticking it and Edit the amount as per the partial payment done for that invoice in OS FCY Amount and click Save (Fig.4).

FIg 4


5. Now the Account detail is added as per the Partial amount you have entered for that invoice (Fig.5)

FIg 5


6. Now change the Receipt Voucher status as Posted and check the invoice OS amount (Fig.6).

Fig 6


Hope you got an idea about partial receipt for an invoice.