E invoice sub

Here you are going to learn about the steps to generate the E-invoice submission.

Step 1: To generate E-invoice, SAC code need to map for required charge and also each charge Tax code Mandatory. Find the below link to add sac code.


Step 2: Click edit the address field, In Party field address need to update. (Fig-1)
E invoice sub
Step 3: Add the Postal code, GSTIN Number, state code must added in the address field. (Fig-2) (Fig-3)
E invoice sub
Step 4: Now generate the invoice and post the voucher. (Fig-4)
E invoice sub
Step 5: After that go to E-invoice india module. (Fig-5)
E invoice sub
Step 6: Select the E-invoice India List. (Fig-6)
Step 7: Now enter the respective voucher and click submit button. (Fig-7)
E-invoice submission
Step 8: Selected details will be displayed on the screen, now select the required voucher and click submit icon. (Fig-8)
E-invoice submission
Step 9: The invoice is successfully submitted. (Fig-9)
E invoice sub
Step 10: Select the report icon to generate report. (Fig-10)
E invoice sub
Step 11: Select the required report in the list of reports. (Fig-11)
E invoice sub
Step 12: Now the selected report is displayed on the screen. (Fig-12)
E invoice sub
The above blog post explains about the steps to generate the E-invoice submission.
Note: To enable the E-Invoice in Fresa, we are using third party vendor IRIS. They are providing API, using API we are providing the E-invoice. To Enable E-ivoice cost will involve.
Also further you can watch the below demo video for How to do E Invoice submission in Fresa Application

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