Sales Performance:

Sales performance is the measurement of sales activity against the goals outlined in your sales plan. The simplest method of tracking sales performance is to establish sales goals for your team and for individual team members and then evaluate performance, either monthly or quarterly.

Steps to improve sales performance:

  • Keep track of both leads and deals, making sure nothing gets lost and that opportunities are followed up in a timely manner.
  • Identify leads and deals that are most likely to become customers through lead and deal scoring and lead nurturing tools.
  • Automatically generate the sales analytics reports that you need to understand your current sales performance and to identify where to look for improvement.
  • Work cohesively with your sales team and use the real-time dashboard of your sales well informed sales meetings.
  • More accurately forecast sales revenue and optimize the execution of your sales plan.

1. Login with Fresa Gold, Go to Sales –>Reports – Sales (Fig-1).



2. Second, select the salesperson performance report (fig-2).



3. Select from date and to date, select the salesperson name and click submit button to view reports (fig-3).



4. Now, you can see the list of salesperson performance report, you can download the report using the Options button and click to the download and click the report button.



5. You can view the salesperson performance report and click the report (Fig-5).

Sales Performance - Jasper


6. Then you can get the report. you want to print the report click the print button (Fig-6).

Jasper report


By following these steps you can generate a salesperson performance report. – Your one-stop solution for freight software needs.

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