Sea Arrival Manifest 1
Here you can learn about how to generate Sea Arrival Manifest in Fresa Application.
Step 1: Login with Fresa Gold and Select the Documentation module. Then select the All Jobs option. (Fig-1)
Sea Arrival Manifest 1
Step 2: Search the respective job and click Edit option. (Fig-2)
Step 3: Now click the Generate EDI button. (Fig-3)
Sea Arrival Manifest 3
Step 4: In EDI type, there are various types are available. Select Sea Arrival Manifest in the list and then click generate EDI button. (Fig-4)
Step 5: Here we can see the generated EDI with details. When we have not added the necessary details in the job, then the status will be showing an error. Then we have to download the file. (Fig-5)
Sea Arrival Manifest 5
Step 6: Now open the file. Here we can see the conditions are listed. In respective job, we have to add these details to clear these conditions. (Fig-6)
Sea Arrival Manifest 6
Step 7: Once added all these mentioned details, then try to generate the EDI. Now the Sea Arrival Manifest will be generated successfully. (Fig-7)
Sea Arrival Manifest 7
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