Bank to Bank transaction-1

Here you can learn about how to make a bank to bank transactions using Contra Voucher.

1. Login to Fresa Gold, Navigate to Accounts—> All Vouchers and Select the voucher type as Contra Voucher and Click Create (Single) button(Fig.1)

Fig 1


2. Select the Branch, Book type and Click Save (Fig.2)

Fig 2


3. Now add the Account Details by clicking Add button (Fig.3)

Fig 3


4. Now Select the bank in the A/C Name and select the Dr/Cr as Cr which is getting credited and enter the Amount and click Save & New button (Fig.4)

Fig 4


5. Now again select the bank in the A/C Name and select the Dr/Cr as Dr which is getting debited and enter the Amount and click Save & close button(Fig.5), You can see the account details which shows the bank getting Credited and the Bank which is getting Debited (Fig.6)

FIg 5


Fig 6


6. Now Change the voucher status as Posted (Fig.7)

Fig 7


Hope you got an idea about making an bank to bank transaction.