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We have enabled the New feature WhatsApp Message to send the Shipment Information’s like, Received Shipment, Arrival, Received Document etc in Shipment/Job.
Step1: Log in with Fresa Gold and open the respective Shipment/Job to send the information for Client, Shipper, Consignee, Notify etc, to send the message through Whatsapp.
what's app 1
Step2: In shipment details select the Organization tab, we can find the Organization Type such as client, Shipper, consignee details. Enter the whatsapp Number under Mobile Number column in Organization Master or Click edit to add the Whatsapp Number.
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Step3: Now we can view the Whatsapp option.
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Step 4: Click Whatsapp icon, we can view the columns like Message Details. Check the Contact Number and select the Template
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Step 5 : Now click the Send button on the bottom, to send the Message. We will receive the Message through Whatsapp.
Step 6 : We have added the Whatsapp Message History. We will get the Details of Mobile Number, HBL/HAWB, Shipment Number and with the content, Sender Details with Date & Time.
what's app 6
Step 7 : We can Download the same thru CSV by clicking the Download button on bottom.
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The above blog post explains about how to make whatsapp message through Fresa applications.
For further clarification, solve your queries by sending them to support@fresatechnologies.com
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