sub manifest

What is sub-manifest?

An Sub-manifest is used to provide Customs with information about the goods that are being consolidated or have been received by the Slot Charterer. Customs respond to Export Sub Manifest message by issuing an Sub-Manifest Number (also known as a Consolidation Reference Number) and a status. A Consolidation Reference Number with a ‘Clear’ status serves as the consolidators Authority (clearance) to export the shipment.

The person or company responsible for consolidating the goods, or their authorized agent can send an Sub-manifest to the customs either through a paper document or electronically. Consolidation Sub-manifests (i.e.,sub-manifests lodged by Freight Forwarders, or anyone in the business of consolidating cargo for Export) cannot be lodged after the goods are exported. They must be lodged before the goods are delivered to a place of export. Slot Sub-manifests (i.e., Sub-manifests lodged by Shipping companies which are not the owner or operator of the vessel, but have leased some space on the vessel. These companies are also known as Slot-Charterers) is lodged up to 3 days after the Date of Departure of the vessel carrying the goods.

Here you can learn about the steps to prepare sub manifest in fresa application.

Step 1: : Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to respective Shipment. now click the report button. (Fig.1)
sub manifest
Step 2: Now you can see the list of reports, select sub manifest report. (Fig-2)
Step 3: After selecting the required report, the report page will be displayed in that report click print button. (Fig.3)
sub manifest

Hope you got an idea about the steps to prepare sub manifest in fresa application.

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