voucher for branch wise

Here, you can learn about how to reverse a voucher for branch wise in Fresa Gold, Login with Fresa gold.

Step 1: Accounts -> reversal vouchers (Fig-1).


Step 2: Select the required date range and branch and click submit button. (Fig-2).


Step 3: Now you can see the list of posted vouchers will be displayed on the selected date range and branch, select the required voucher from the list (Fig-3).


Step 4: Now, you can see the details of the selected voucher and click next button to proceed further (Fig-4).


Step 5: Now you can get confirmation screen, here you have enter the date, reason of reverse voucher and password for reverse voucher, if you don’t have rights to reverse voucher, you get the message from system on the same screen. Once entered required details click Finish button (Fig-5).


Hope, you got idea how to reverse a voucher for branch wise in Fresa Gold.

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