Forwarding charges definition is the outlining of the costs of the physical movement of goods between countries (transnational logistics) and, in many cases, the costs of the legal processes of such a movement (customs duties) by clearing and forwarding agents who render such services to exporters and importers.

Here you are going to learn about to take General Ledger with Charge wise Details.

1. Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Accounts, select General Accounts menu (Fig.1).


2. In the General, Accounts Click General Ledger with Charge wise (Fig.2)


3. Enter the required fields, like From Date and To Date and COA, Charge and click Submit button (Fig.3)

4. Now it will reflect the list of charge (Fig.4)


5. To download the report, click the Download option and download the excel in CSV or Excel (Fig.5)


I hope you have an idea about taking the report of Charge wise Details.

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