What is mean by Voucher?

A voucher is an internal document describing and authorizing the payment of liability to the vendor. It is most commonly used in a manual payment system, where it is part of the system of controls. A voucher typically contains the following information:

  • The identification number of the Customer/Vendor

  • The amount to be paid

  • The date on which payment should be made

  • The accounts to be charged to record the liability

  • Any applicable early payment discount terms

  • An approval signature or stamp

Voucher information may be assembled into a packet, where the basic voucher document is attached to the supplier invoice, evidence of receipt, and purchase order. This packet is useful for keeping related documents in one place and makes it easier to both justify and audit payables transactions.

A voucher is created following the receipt of an invoice from a supplier. It is stamped “paid” when a check or electronic payment is made to a supplier and is then archived, along with any supporting documents.

Here you are going to learn about the steps to the generated voucher for a particular period.

1. First, log in with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Accounts Module.



2. Select the All vouchers menu (Fig.2).



3. In All vouchers, select the Date Range and enter the From and To Date, choose the voucher Type and click Submit button (Fig.3).

all vouchers


4. Now it will list out the Invoice which was created in that Date Range. To take the report, select the Report button (Fig.4)




voucher report


6. Now the report will reflect.

  • Preview— Select the Preview button to take the report.
  • Print— To take the PDF report, select the Print button.
  • XLSX– To take the report in Excel, select the XLSX button. It will download the voucher list summary report in Excel.
  • Close– Select Close button to close the report.

invoice report


I hope you got an idea about to generate the Voucher List summary report.

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