Dear User, Fresa XPress system have 4 status for all voucher, First status is Created, while you create a voucher by default system will assign the created status, then second status is approved and final one status is Posted, Posted status is used for freeze the accounting transaction of respective voucher and It will affect accounting ledger transactions and P&L, some cases if you want to remove the voucher from ledger, Who all are having rights with special access password for Unpost, those user only can Unpost a Posted voucher, Once unposted voucher Fresa XPress system will remove the accounting transacting from ledger , But it will keep the voucher reference number and Charge code/ accounting details in the voucher for history purpose., Please find the below process for Unpost a voucher in Fresa XPress.

Kindly, open Voucher correction screen under Accounts => Accounts – settings = > Voucher corrections (Fig -1) then select the particular date range and voucher type, click submit,





Then, you can get exact voucher number or else using Search option you can get the exact voucher number, Edit the respective voucher, scroll down you can see the voucher unpost option (Fig-3),



Enter the valid reason for unposting the voucher and enter the password, Finally click unpost button you will get success message, system will unpost the voucher.

For more queries about Fresa Xpress Accounts, click here to download the Fresa XPress accounts SOP

How to Unpost a voucher in Fresa Gold