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Here we are going to see about How to view the invoice report with IRN/QR Code.
Step1: Log in With Fresa Gold and go to E-invoice India Module.
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Step2: Select the E-Invoice India list menu under E-Invoice India module.
Step3: Enter the details like date range, voucher type, voucher number etc… and click submit button.
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Step4: Here, we can find the voucher details.
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Step 5: In voucher details, check the IRN Status if it is submitted, the invoice report will be displayed with IRN number and QR code.
Step6: If the IRN status is in pending, the invoice report will not displayed with the QR Code.
Step7: If the Invoice Is in Created status System will not reflect any invoice only the posted invoice details will be displayed in E-invoice detail list.
The above blog post explains about How to view the invoice report with IRN/QR Code.
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