We are happy to introduce the new helpdesk system to improve the customer service experience for the users.

We frequently receive emails in support for repeated common questions, where the answers are shared already in our blog website. We have improved our blog website to make this repository easier to use and search through, to improve how our users can find the information they need. Our blog posts really saves your time by solving your queries easily. The blog is mainly prepared to solve the FAQs of our customers and traveling through our blog will give you a great experience. Our blog is the trusted expert in solving your issues.

Fresa Technologies introduces a new ticketing system for supporting customers. Disputes over email sometimes can take days to reach a conclusion, as the customer and our support team exchange messages. It fails to resolve complaints quickly. Email should be kept short and brief. This is especially difficult if you are one to send messages that are too long. The average reply time for email support takes long time when compared with the ticketing system.

The ticket queue is our first priority in our support team. To bring development, operations, and support teams together using a common platform to speed service requests through to changes and releases we started our Ticketing system. We sort, prioritize and resolve customer issues with ease, by out tickets. The main aim of our Ticketing system is to restore the services to the customers with a temporary fix as soon as possible until a permanent solution is provided.    

Fresa ticketing system allows us to compile reports. In these reports, we can identify repetitive problems and negative trends, so that we may become a more proactive department by preventing these problems from recurring in an effort to encourage a productive and efficient work environment. 

The reports will allow us to support your business more effectively by learning how quickly you need to solve your issues. Fresa Requests their customers to effectively use the ticketing system to solve the queries with immediate effect. Our blog posts will give you a good customer experiences. Before sending the issues to our support system please check our Blog website if the solutions are already shared there.

Have a great experience with Fresa Technologies services provided to upgrade your business. We strive to give the quickest response and resolution possible, and the ticket system assists us in holding ourselves accountable to this. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.