Job close-1

Here, you can find the below how to close job, to close the job click the Change Job status (Fig-1),



Now, you can see the screen for change Job status here, you can set the new status as Closed and mention Job close date with remarks, (Fig-2)

While you are close job, you may get below warning message, ORA-20001: ORA-20001: Job close check list is pending, Please clear it and close it, (Fig-2) , fig_1


If you are facing this Warning message, on the system will show the check list item or before close the job if you want view the check list, Just click Show check list button then you can see the list of Check list item, For example, this above image showing Invoice not yet generated PALATALIZATION CHARGES in remarks column with Job and shipment number, which means displaying this respective job or shipment , you have entered some changes, but you didn’t generate invoice for that entered charge amount. Second checklist item, Voucher not yet posted as per above image second line job or shipment, you have already generated a voucher, but not yet posted, Kindly post the voucher, Once voucher posted this line item will remove from the Check list.(Fig-3) fig_2


by the same way once cleared all check list item system will allow to close the job.

To create Job from Home page, follow the steps in the below given blog link

Also further you can watch the below demo video for How to Close a Job in Fresa Application

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