Shipment Wizard


Marks and Numbers of your cargo serve the purpose of the ID card of someone. They identify the cargo in the same manner as the ID card indentifies a person.

All companies involved in the transport of your cargo (manufacturer, shipper, customs, carriers, warehouses, consignees, etc.) trust on the respective marks and numbers to distinguish it from all others.

Any old marks (when used packages are used), or irrelevant information shown in the external packing, may interfere with the correct identification of your cargo.

Purpose of Marks and Numbers is consequently to identify the cargo and NOT the consignee/buyer and help to move it rapidly and safety with no delays to its final destination and allow at any moment its identification through respective documents (Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading etc.)

This obviously means that Marks and Numbers of external main packing MUST be coincident with the Marks and Numbers of respective shipping documents.

This is becomes even more important when cargo suffers one or more transhipments from origin to final destination, namely (but not only!) in multimodal transportation. Improper Marks and Numbers will release the carrier of his responsibilities, namely delays and shipment to wrong destinations!

Many times however, the purpose of Marks and Numbers is affected, leading frequently to un-necessary costs and avoidable errors, confusions and delays during transportation to final destination.

We have enabled the new feature Marks No in shipment Creation wizard Shipment wizard.

Step 1: Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Customer Service–> All Shipments, click Create option (Fig.1).


Step 2: The First wizard is Create Shipment, here select the Department(Fig.2).


Step 3: Now in Port Details (Second Wizard), Enter the Client Name, POR (Port of Receipt), POD (Port of Depature), ETD (Estimated time of Depature), ETA (Estimated Tine of Arrival) and other fields. Once added the all the required details, click Next button (Fig.3).


Step 4: Once entered the Details in Create Shipment & Port Details (First and Second Wizard) Now we are third Wizard ie Planned / Consignment Wizard, here we have enabled the New Feature to add Marks No.


Step 5: Once we have added the marks no in wizard level, after the shipment is created you will get the marks no in shipment details as highlighted.


Step 6: Now to edit the marks no., click the edit option in shipment details and then click click the save changes option. Fig.6

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