Milestone 2014

Courier Module

Designed and Developed courier module based on customer requirements in Fresa XPress

February-2014 3-in-1
Berrio Logistics

Berrio Logistics started using Fresa Technologies for their website, email, software services

March-2014 Focus India Customers
Management Dashboard

Started designing management dashboard and focusing on india customers like IFE, Thai Global etc

April-2014 Enhancing Fresa XPress
Team World

Received order from one of the top company in mumbai and implemented Fresa XPress to their sister company.

May-2014 Focus on more customers
50+ Customers

Increased the customer base, sent flyer with 50+ customer lists, Fresa Team size is 1-HR, 1-Web Developer, 1-Tester,1-Developer promoted as Team Leader, 2-Support Engineer, 3-Directors

June-2014 Started approaching big
First Big Step

First Major customer demo in Dubai - Inchcape Shipping Services - Users are happy to see the system with many features which was not there in their software

July-2014 First Singapore/Oman customers
Fresa Web

Started receiving new first customers from other countries where there is no Fresa office 

August-2014 First BPO Enquriy
BPO Enquiry

Fresa received BPO enquiry from TGL and Europe customer

September-2014 Freight forwarder community
Freight Global Network

Started FGN network and promoted fresa customers with free of cost.

October-2014 Consolidation Enabled
Job Pro Rate

Introduced prorate concept based on customer requirements with cancel option

November-2014 Fresa Technologies FZE
New Begining in UAE

Fresa Technologies FZE registered on 19-Nov-2014 in Ajman Free Zone

December-2014 New milestone on customers
80+ Customers

With continuous effort by the team, Fresa received 80+ customers

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