Milestone 2014

Courier Module

Designed and Developed courier module based on customer requirements in Fresa XPress

Berrio Logistics

Berrio Logistics started using Fresa Technologies for their website, email, software services

Focus India Customers
Management Dashboard

Started designing management dashboard and focusing on india customers like IFE, Thai Global etc

Enhancing Fresa XPress
Team World

Received order from one of the top company in mumbai and implemented Fresa XPress to their sister company.

Focus on more customers
50+ Customers

Increased the customer base, sent flyer with 50+ customer lists, Fresa Team size is 1-HR, 1-Web Developer, 1-Tester,1-Developer promoted as Team Leader, 2-Support Engineer, 3-Directors

Started approaching big
First Big Step

First Major customer demo in Dubai - Inchcape Shipping Services - Users are happy to see the system with many features which was not there in their software

First Singapore/Oman customers
Fresa Web

Started receiving new first customers from other countries where there is no Fresa office 

First BPO Enquriy
BPO Enquiry

Fresa received BPO enquiry from TGL and Europe customer

Freight forwarder community
Freight Global Network

Started FGN network and promoted fresa customers with free of cost.

Consolidation Enabled
Job Pro Rate

Introduced prorate concept based on customer requirements with cancel option

Fresa Technologies FZE
New Begining in UAE

Fresa Technologies FZE registered on 19-Nov-2014 in Ajman Free Zone

New milestone on customers
80+ Customers

With continuous effort by the team, Fresa received 80+ customers

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